Doll Collectors of Hawaii

Doll Making

Minnie Lou has been making dolls for several years. Primarily, she makes cloth dolls, but she has also carved and dressed a Pinocchio (from scratch) as well as whimsical dolls and Christmas ornaments on a Raggedy Anne theme. Some of the dolls she has made are shown below.

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Some dolls we made


This Pinocchio stands about 11 inches high; he is fully jointed and was carved from jelutong, a wood from Indonesia. His clothes are hand made and he has several interchangable noses to indicate the present state of his truthfulness. Minnie Lou won first prize for hand made dolls at the Land O' Sky Doll Day, UFDC Region 8 in Asheville, NC in 2002 for her craftsmanship. The pattern was an original designed by Minnie Lou.

Old Lady in the Shoe

This depiction of The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe (...and had so many children, she didn't know what to do...) was made using an old Army boot. The figures and house fixtures are polymer clay. This was done as a "shoe challenge" held by Hawaii Stitchery and Fiber Arts Guild. The design was original by Minnie Lou.

color fairy

This is "Rainbow" the Color Fairy; since Minnie Lou is an artist, she has a special affection for the fairies who created and maintain the rich colors in the world around us. Rainbow was published in Quilting Arts magazine Spring 2006 (issue 21) as an entry in the Fantasy Guardian Angel Art Doll Challenge. Based partially on a Patti Culea pattern.

Fairy with Butterfly

Here is the "Firefly Fairy" who is captivated by a firefly and enjoying the beauty of nature. Pattern used was 50% of "Willow, the Giggling Faerie" by Ann Jasmin of Wylde Jasmine Designs.

Flower Girl

This flower girl is a delight in her innocence and charm. She must be a relative of Raggedy Ann! Pattern is "Amy Rags" by Jackie R. Higgins of Bremerton, WA.

Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man was made for a Christmas present exchange for the local doll club. Pattern was an original by Minnie Lou.

Hawaiian Angel

The Hawaiian Angel was made as a competition for the local doll club. The pattern was an original by Minnie Lou.

Christmas Ornament

These Christmas tree ornaments are made from white Christmas tree balls; they are about three inches in diameter with Raggedy Ann faces hand painted on them. Minnie Lou made about two dozen for an ornament exchange with her friends.


The Gypsy Dancer was a lot of fun to make; her pose captures her in the midst of a dance. Her colorful clothes are hand made; the detail in her costume includes jewelry, a tamborine, and black lingerie. Her curly, black hair completes the image. Pattern an original by Minnie Lou.